We often find ourselves searching the web for AMI_ID of the latest image (Windows,Ubuntu …etc) to test an autoscale deployment for instance. These image IDs are region specific and this search could be time-consuming if you are deploying through Infrastructure as Code(IaC) .

Fortunately , there is a little-known solution for this.

This solution uses an AWS managed System Manager Parameter Store that is public and describable.
Upon receiving a query for a support AMI ID, it only returns its regional ID and nothing else.

However the syntax for the query requires a little learning curve and is best described in this AWS blog post.

💡 AsecureCloud simplifies all this for you and can also help generate the IaC template

How ?

👉 Head over to our FREE template builder

👉 Select your Operating System and watch the template fill the details for you

AsecureCloud Template builder showing EC2 customization

You can directly deploy these templates from ASecureCloud ( based on CloudFormation Stacks that you can inspect yourself) or copy/paste the code for use with your CICD pipeline.

The following Operating Systems are supported as of this writing ( with more added on-demand).

  • Amazon Linux 2
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows 2019 Full-Base
  • Windows 2019 Core-Base
  • Windows 2022 Full-Base

Would you like to add an OS that is not listed here? Please comment it below and we will do our best to add it to general template.