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What is the purpose of this forum?

This is a safe place dedicated for the community to help each other build secure cloud environments. We encourage you to ask anything about cloud configuration or share your knowledge by answering questions to assist someone else.

Is this a stackoverflow for cloud security?

Yes. That is the way we intend to keep it.

How are answers rated?

Users are able to upvote useful replies or answers from knowledgeable members higher. This , in turn, helps others get to the potential solution faster.

Can i get support from ASecureCloud here?

No. This is a community self-help space and does not guarantee any reply from ASecureCloud.

How can i get a good reply from the community?

Start with the following steps : 1- simply explain what you are trying to do 2- provide further information timely 3- add sanitized code snippets where applicable 4- regularly update with your progress to ensure you get appropriate answers with respect to changes or observations you have made 5- don't forget to upvote successful replies or to provide the solution to your question if you happen to resolve it yourself.