The AWS Well-Architected Framework (WA) defines the core tenets for building highly scalable, secure and efficient workloads in the cloud.
What started as a whitepaper initially has evolved to become the widely accepted cloud deployment methodology and has its own service on the AWS dashboard — The Well-Architected Tool .

This tool helps improve the quality of your workload by optimizing for all 5 pillars of architectural excellence ( security, reliability, performance efficiency, operational excellence and cost optimization). It provides a set of questions and evaluate your answers to provide you with feedback and can be used to record progress over time. This process is manual and time consuming.

ASecureCloud integrates with the AWS WA tool and aims to streamline this process by auto-populating answers based on the account assessment results.

AsecureCloud “Suggested” answers are provided based on the security assessment checks . You have the option to accept the answer or override it ( if you have a compensating control for example)

The following lenses are currently supported on ASecureCloud:

  • Well-Architected Lens
  • FTR lenses

ASecureCloud can read/write to the Well-Architected API ( provided the appropriate permissions on the AWS account) and is in the process of being listed as a Well-Architected Partner.

How to get started?

You can test drive this functionality today using the free-tier plan.

You will need to :

1- Onboard your AWS account or organization to AsecureCloud ( 4 mins video here)
2- Select the correct permission for the Well-Architected Tool integration